Odorguard Ring Panel
Light Application
20″ x 25″ x 2″


Odorguard 2″ ring panel for light duty applications – contains 300 grams/square foot of granular activated carbon, approx. 2″ thick. 20 x 25 x 2

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The OdorGuard Ring Panel 2″ is designed for removal of particulates, gaseous pollutants, and odors. It contains 300 grams/square foot of granular activated carbon. This filter is interchangeable with other ring panel products and many HVAC filters. It is a low air resistant, non-bypass, disposable filter with a three-stage filtration system. Primary – 3/4″ polyester media removes particulates; Secondary – Patented CarbonWeb media “adsorbs” odors and pollutants; Tertiary – Media removes stray particulates or carbon.


  • Offices, Retail and Commercial Buildings
  • Apartment and Lodging Complexes
  • Industrial Plant Offices, Laboratories and Work Areas
  • Institutional Buildings, Offices, Classrooms
  • Disaster Remediation and Restoration
  • Residential Air Quality Problems


Filters sold by the case (x6)